Hebrew Corpus

Novice Hebrew Corpus:   An Elementary-Friendly Word List 

Why rely on a corpus in the classroom?

  • High-frequency words are the foundation of the language
  • The list helps the teacher stay ‘in-bounds’
  • Cognates & borrowed words are familiar anchors for students

My Novice Hebrew Corpus includes:  Cognates by category**; interrogatives; pronouns; glue and transition words; prefixes; rejoinders; and high-frequency verbs.

Novice Hebrew Corpus

**Hebrew/English cognate categories:
School & Technology
Fun & Games

Classroom Management & Hebrew Survival

Hebrew word wall 2017:   Here’s a file of 8.5″ x 11″ mini-posters of the interrogatives (question words), plus many hi-frequency and hi-energy verbs.  Verbs are conjugated in the present 1st/2nd/3rd person, singular/masculine.  If you are using a different subject (i.e., Lady Gaga, We, You all) just bring the new verb form in bounds by writing it and it’s translation below in a different color (I like to write the Hebrew in black, underline it, and write the English translation below it in red).  See my post on Pop-Up Grammar.