HaYidion Article in Summer, 2019 Issue

The umbrella organization for North American Jewish Day Schools, PRIZMAH, invited me to submit an article for their most recent educational journal.  The volume’s theme, ‘Deepening Talent,’ focuses on “cultivating growth and vitality for all its [school] stakeholders, from students to board members.”  My article, “Reimagining Modern Hebrew Instruction,” appears in the ‘Study and Reflection’ section, and mentions many of the precepts contained in my articles on this blog, with a focus on transforming Hebrew teacher and learner attitudes and outcomes.

Here’s the link to the journal:  https://www.prizmah.org/deepening-talent

And here’s a direct link to my article on page 54: 


As always, I invite readers to reflect, question, challenge and engage.

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2 thoughts on “HaYidion Article in Summer, 2019 Issue

  1. Hi Alisa,
    I hope you are well. This year i piloted new materials for teaching Ninth graders with no background in Hebrew. I used Scott Benedicts material as a model. We did lots of stories, PQA, student interviews. for our final unit i created a story book based on Berto y sus buenos amigos in Hebrew. I got lots of positive feedback. In my more advanced classes i am using an Israeli TV show as my base text following the method of Michael Peto.
    Thanks for writing this article.
    Have a great summer

    Howard Handler

    • Shalom, Howard,
      Great to hear from you!
      How wonderful to hear how you are responding to the needs of your students. Stories, PQA (Personalized Questions & Answers) and student interviews are a terrific way to engage students and sustain their attention by keeping the class content focused on THEM!
      Which Israeli TV show are you using for your advanced kids? How do you scaffold the viewing to ensure comprehensibility? Could you describe how it works for us?

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